June 30, 2020

Get Hands-on at Sawtooth School for Visual Art

Winston-Salem has a history of making history, especially in the arts. In the heart of downtown, you're invited to get hands-on with contemporary art forms. Built in 1911 as Shamrock Mills Factory-- the original Hanes textile mill-- this historic building now houses Sawtooth School for Visual Art. The name, “Sawtooth,” is a tribute to its jagged roofline that’s continued to inspire architecture and design concepts found around the city. Since its founding in 1945, Sawtooth has served as a creative hub for the community and this year is celebrating its 75th anniversary!

Explore your creative side at Sawtooth, which offers classes and workshops in 11 disciplines and 16 mediums for all ages and skill levels.

Want to dabble a bit in the artistic realm before signing-up for an immersive multi-day course? The Taste of Art classes offer an introduction to various art forms in a laid-back, social atmosphere. These two hour-long classes are held the second and fourth Friday of every month, and cost $35/person. Not sold yet? The classes are BYOB--food and beverages are allowed--even encouraged!