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April 9, 2021

Longing for Spring? The Wait Has Officially Lifted

Still searching for a sign that the long, respectful wait on all things glorious has finally lifted this spring? Look no further than Winston-Salem’s famed Spring House restaurant. Boasting a seasonally refreshed menu (and COVID sensible dining options), guests are clamoring to return for a taste of Chef/co-owner Timothy Grandinetti’s latest food-meets-love masterpiece.

Locals know Spring House as the reincarnation of Bahnson House, the last remaining mansion on historic Millionaire’s Row. For generations, the now-Spring House stood as a symbol of Southern hospitality in the heart of downtown. And to its credit, it continues the job today. Even before you enter, the pristine white facade with its gracious patios and greenery-laden walk start to transform you. The hustle of the city melts away. A few steps later and your shoulders relax in the dappled sunlight. Your stride slows as breathe deep, savoring every bit of that floral tinged breeze. Almost by instinct, your mouth waters at the meal that’s soon to be savored.

All before you ever go inside.

Dining in Cadence with Nature

The thoughtful attention to the exterior spaces is no accident. For co/owner-founder Lynette Mathews-Murphy and Chef Grandinetti, Spring House is as much a reinvention of classic Southern hospitality as it is a foodie-centric paradise. Every aspect of Spring House moves in rhythm with the seasons. Menus change with the availability of prized local ingredients, many of which are at their peak for just a few months each year. Wine pairings, cocktails, outdoor dining, and chef’s menus all align around what’s ripe, what’s ready, what’s real — and what’s really delicious.

In lesser hands, all this calculated attention on a heightened culinary experience would feel too formal for every day. At Spring House, the goal is just the opposite: award-winning food and elevated craft cocktails in a luxurious setting. On a typical night, you’ll find regulars in jeans and shorts kicking back after work, a few families grabbing takeout for easy dinner, and one or two lovebirds celebrating something snuggly, or time-honored, or brand new.

Beyond the “Kitchen Garden”

As a dining destination, Winston-Salem is no stranger to seasonal menus featuring freshly sourced, freshly prepared ingredients as the star. (We’re just lucky that way.) But the prevalence of this idea did more than inspire the team at Spring House. It invigorated them. From their very first season, this extraordinary team made a point to do more than grow herbs and highlight nearby farms. They specifically built their dishes from the ground up using locally owned businesses for the majority of their food. Menus don’t just change with the seasons. They reinvent them, focusing on seasonal produce, humanely raised meats, wild seafood, and artisan cheeses made and loved right here.

It’s the kind of distinction you can taste even before the fork hits your plate. And it’s the reason this local treasure has been attracting and inspiring diners since opening its doors more than 10 years ago.

The seasonal menu for Spring 2021 is ready to be served. To see it, or to review any Spring House menu including Library Cocktails, Outdoor Dining, Carry Out and Catering, click here.

For reservations, visit www.springhousenc.com/reservations.

Spring House Restaurant, Kitchen & Bar is located at 450 North Spring Street, Winston-Salem, NC 27101.

To plan an overnight stay or to preview other dining experiences in Winston-Salem, visit our Special Packages page. Or, make short work of planning your visit with a call to our Visitor Center Team at 866-728-4200. We’ll be happy to answer questions, make recommendations, and guide you toward the best options for your upcoming visit to our extraordinary city.

About Spring House

Spring House Restaurant, Kitchen & Bar has been lauded by Food Network, Garden&Gun, Southern Living, The Local Palate, OpenTable, Our State, Carolinas Magazine, and the Winston-Salem Journal, among others. Reflections on Chef Timothy Grandinetti’s approach, technique, and explorations of his family recipes are available in his culinary memoir, Soulful Harvest: Signature Recipes, Timeless Techniques & Culinary Reflections. Available for purchase here.