July 15, 2021

Sweet & Melty Treats Abound in Winston-Salem

You’re never too old to scream for ice cream, especially if it’s an ice cream cone loaded with scoops of flavored frozen goodness and topped with extra yummy treats. Luckily, Winston-Salem’s got a lot of options – and not just your average scoop of vanilla – guaranteed to add a sweet escape during your road trip adventure.

Black Mountain Chocolate (BMC) already wows with their original bean-to-bar chocolate, but their new homemade frozen dessert bar has everyone craving these chilled creations. The confectioners have been hard at work perfecting new recipes and following its recent relocation from the Downtown Arts District to Innovation Quarter, Black Mountain Chocolate keeps the surprises coming. “We are excited to offer customers another treat option to match the level of quality and deliciousness they have grown to love and expect from Black Mountain Chocolate," says Tirra Cowan, general manager of BMC. “Making everything in house also gives us the ability to put our creativity and passion into a different culinary medium.” So far, some of the frozen desserts include sorbet and water-ice options. Other ideas hover on the horizon but staff members are still taste-testing. In the meantime, Black Mountain Chocolate’s new cocktail bar is also fun to try and guests can drink their dessert with libations like their Blackberry Sour (best enjoyed with an éclair) or their drinkable desserts like the Chocolate Strawberry Shortcake. Black Mountain Chocolate: 450 N. Patterson Ave., Suite 110 / FB: @blackmountainchocolate / 336.293.4698 To find more delicious locations to stop at during your summer travels, check out our Food & Wine Directory