Julius Caesar
Wake Forest University-Theatre | WINSTON-SALEM, NC
Nov 4 to Nov 6
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A breathless political thriller, Julius Caesar follows the unscrupulous machinations of Senate power-brokers who hold in their hands the fate of their Republic. From backroom to battlefield, Shakespeare’s first great tragedy rips back the curtain on how our politicians really hammer out their world-altering decisions, how they spin those decisions for a ravenous public, and how we all live with the consequences that those decisions bring down on us. Julius Caesar is the riveting turning point in Shakespeare’s career-long obsession with our relationship to evil played out against the glare of the political spotlight, and keyed to the music of high rhetoric and falling bombs.

CONTENT WARNING: This production makes use of realistic prop guns and gun sound effects and depicts violence, war, and suicide. Viewer discretion is advised.

Julius Caesar Photo