Raising Renee
a/perture cinema | WINSTON-SALEM, NC
Jan 17 to Jan 17
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Emmy-nominated Raising Renee is about artist Beverly McIver when a promise she made to her mother – that she would take care of her mentally-disabled older sister, Renee – comes due. Directed by Oscar-nominees Jeanne Jordan and Steven Ascher, the film has drama, humour, and unexpected twists as it explores race, disability, the transformative power of art, and the tenacity of family bonds. Raising Renee is the third part of a trilogy about resilient families that includes their acclaimed feature documentaries So Much So Fast and Sundance Grand Jury Prize winner Troublesome Creek. Raising Renee is about a unique group of women, the tenacity of family bonds and the power of art to transform experience into something beyond words.

Raising Renee Photo