Stroll Into Light Candlelight Walk
Mount Tabor High School Track | WINSTON SALEM, NC
Nov 13 to Nov 13
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A Stroll into Light is the answer to the call we have all been ignoring for the longest time. The mental health epidemic, especially in adolescents, only receives attention when a tragedy has occurred or a life is lost. A Stroll into Light is a recognition that each person is fighting their own battle each and every day. Whether that be anxiety, depression, or any mental health related issue, no one person should feel alone in their situation. As a community, we must support each other and advocate for peoples’ stories to be heard. At this candlelight event, each attendee will receive a candle to reflect and mourn as we walk side by side. For families and friends who have possibly lost a loved one to mental illness, they will have the chance to fly a lantern into the sky in remembrance of their life.

Stroll Into Light Candlelight Walk Photo