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ConnExxpo is a free public event that allows you to connect with interesting people around interesting topics. wsmixxer.org/connexxpo Photo 2
Anyone can make magnificent metal works of art at Mixxer! Members can use all of our tools seven days per week. You can be a member too! wsmixxer.org/join Photo 3
Want to learn more about electronics, Internet of Things, Arduinos and Raspberry Pi's? We'll help you get started.  wsmixxer.org/workshops Photo 4
Design software is expensive, But learning to use it is easy and affordable at Mixxer. Many members design things in the computer lab and use CNC machines at Mixxer to make those things. wsmixxer.o... Photo 5
Some women like hanging out with other women when they learn new stuff - We listened. You can learn to weld any day at Mixxer, but we're always willing to create more options. wsmixxer.org/workshops Photo 6
In September we spend our time preparing for the Iron Pour , where you can make your own cast iron art. We'll leave the hot molten metal pouring to the pros, but you can enjoy the show. wsmixxer.or... Photo 7
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Mixxer Community Makerspace
1375 North Martin Luther King Jr. Dr. Winston-Salem, NC, 27101


Simply put, MIXXER is a makerspace that provides its members access to high-tech tools, traditional tools, and the space to use them. This environment attracts makers that are creative, innovative, and willing to collaborate and share knowledge.