May 1, 2016

Check Out Winston-Salem's Beer School!

If you ever thought you were too cool for school, then you're the perfect student for Winston-Salem's own Beer School. Proud home of both the first microbrewery in North Carolina and national favorite Foothills Brewing, Winston-Salem is a beer lover's paradise. Each month, we celebrate that love in detail with a lighthearted education into the brewer's craft known as Beer School.

Over the years, Foothills has developed a rabid following with stand-out brews like Jade IPA, which helped put Jade hops on the map. Fans of their limited edition Sexual Chocolate Imperial Stout have driven such demand that lines start forming at 2 a.m. on release day just so they can take home a few.

With all that knowledge and love of beer to share, Foothills launched the wildly popular afternoon event that gives casual and hard-core beer fans and devotees alike a crash course in craft beer. So if you've ever wondered how they achieve that perfect balance of espresso, dark sweet toffee, and blackstrap molasses, now is the time to ask.

Foothills Craft Beer

The class lasts just a few hours...and virtually guarantees you an A+ in beer. Brewers lead you on a private tour of the brewery for a behind-the-scenes look at how they craft the beer you love. At the end of the class (and our favorite part), enjoy a private tasting experience featuring a wide variety of Foothills craft brews. Do I detect ginger and honey in this IPA?

Register in advance to reserve your space, as this monthly offering fills up fast. In honor of NC Beer Month, Foothills is hosting two Beer Schools in April.

Turn your next visit to Winston-Salem, North Carolina into something deliciously educational. Sign up for Beer School now. Or join us throughout April as NC CeleBEERation Month continues with special hotel getaway packages that last the whole season. Preview all of our seasonal getaway packages here. We can't wait to see you--and raise a glass in your honor. Cheers!