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Dog-eared Coffee Company
6770 River Center Drive Clemmons, NC, 27012


Lauren Ramirez has been a big fan of bold coffee and fun flavors since her days as a barista during college. This love took serious root when sampling the many coffee huts in Alaska during her time living there with her co-owner and husband, Gilbert. They've always talked about owning their own coffee shop one day that was a cozy respite that also gave back to the community. Parenthood and the loss of their youngest daughter due to congenital heart disease and genetic disorders made them realize their dream was worthy of pursuit. Dog-eared Coffee Company was born out of an intense desire to give as much love to the world as possible in honor of this dream and is dedicated to their daughters, Eva and Izzy. Even if love shows up in the form of a hug in a mug or giving someone a soft place to land and read in a comfortable chair, this will have all been worthwhile.


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