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Mario's Pizza
266 Harvey Street Winston Salem, NC, 27103


For years, we've used our passion for Pizza to make the best pies. With a few awards here and a whole lot of smiles at each of our locations, we think we've got a pretty solid formula. All our Pizzas start with hand-tossed dough, expertly crafted to have that perfect crisp-to-soft ratio. Our rich, tasty sauce turns ordinary pizzas into Mario's Pizzas, and we believe there's nothing like it. Before baking, we throw on select cheeses, fresh vegetables and your choice of other toppings. The final result stays true to that New York Style. A crust that's soft and crisp to bite, yet sturdy to hold. A cheese that melts so perfectly, it sometimes doesn't want to leave the pie. A first bite so delicious, that you have no choice but to take a second.


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