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easytalk (by Ginger Fox Beverage)
905 South Broad Street, Suite 105 Winston Salem, NC, 27101


Inspired by our favorite cocktail bars and cafes in Hong Kong, Macau, SE Asia and NYC, easytalk is an all-day beverage joint - coffee by day, cocktails by night. easy: quick, easy, and consistent - an ever-evolving menu of 8 cocktails utilizing modern cullinary techniques and featuring housemade ingredients with the goal of getting the highest quality cocktails to our guests in 60 seconds or less. the cocktail menu will rotate frequently based on ingredient availability, seasonality and spontaneous bursts of creativity. in the mornings, easy will serve coffee - focussing on alternative brewing methods and coffee cocktails. talk: a 10-seat menu-less drinking experience where bespoke cocktails are crafted a la minute based on a lil’ chat with your bartender. sit at the bar, have a conversation with us, and we’ll make you something special.