September 10, 2018

Autumn By The Slice: Our Best Fall Pies

Whether you like sweet or savory, ice cream-topped or gravy-filled, pies are our (unofficial) official food of fall. Our local restaurants and shops offer one-of-a-kind southern specialties worth seeking out. Here are our top three favorites to try this fall.

Mozelles - tomato pie
Tomato Pie at Mozelle's - Photo Credit: Max Cullen

Tomato Pie at Mozelle’s Fresh Southern Bistro

You’ll find Mozelle’s in the historic West End neighborhood of Winston-Salem serving southern staples like fried green tomatoes, meatloaf, spicy collards, and—you guessed it—tomato pie. Now we know what you’re thinking: “Tomatoes are a summertime staple.” That may be true, but Mozelle’s carries this mouthwatering southern treat year-round. And somehow, it seems to taste even better when the weather cools off. We think it’s due to the creamy corn succotash served on the side. Yum!

Insider Tip: Reservations are recommended, but if you want to sit outside, the sidewalk seating is available first-come, first served.

Sweet Potato Pie at Sweet Potatoes (Where else?)

When your pie is featured in USA Today, we’re pretty sure you’re on to something. It’s no surprise that Sweet Potatoes (well shut my mouth!!) a Restaurant™ (yes, that’s the actual name) has mastered the delicate art of the sweet potato pie. Located in the Downtown Arts District, Sweet Potatoes specializes in plain and simple—and delicious—down-home cooking. Can you say, “Southern comfort food”? Not with your mouth full, you can’t.

Insider Tip: Want to make Sweet Potatoes’ cuisine at home? Grab a copy of Well, Shut My Mouth, the restaurant’s official cookbook for flavorful dishes served up with equally flavorful commentary.

Fried Apple Pie by B&G Pies

A longtime local staple, B&G Pies has been in Winston-Salem since 1949. The company’s signature single-serve, handmade fried pies come in five flavors: apple, peach, lemon, chocolate, and cherry. Not surprisingly, apple pie is the top-seller from the delicious lineup. And we’ll add that it’s also a perfect treat for fall for less than $2 each. Look for B&G Pies at local Lowes Foods stores..

If your mouth is watering already, it’s time to pack your stretchy pants and plan your fall visit. Try each pie for yourself, and let us know which one takes the cake on Facebook @VisitWS.