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June 15, 2020

The Story Behind the Name: Spring House Restaurant, Kitchen & Bar

Stories of yesteryear have always fascinated Lynette Matthews-Murphy as she grew up learning about her family’s early farming heritage – her Dad grew up on a farm in Nebraska during the Great Depression.  “He would tell stories of how he, along with his 12 brothers and sisters, had to milk the cows, churn butter, and gather produce and perishables to store in the little wood house sitting on a cold spring ~ their own spring house.”  To Matthews-Murphy, it seemed that all the good, healthy, and fresh foods they were able to store in their spring house gave his family the ability to feed themselves and survive through the very difficult years of the Depression.

“In naming our restaurant, I wanted to honor this farming heritage, as well as the strength and resilience of all farmers.  It brings us such joy to partner with our local farmers and producers to create seasonal menus,” said Matthews-Murphy.  In addition, the fact that the historic home is located on Spring Street, where a former medicinal spring was located around what is now Spring and Second Streets, made naming the restaurant “Spring House,” the perfect conceptual choice.

Spring House Restaurant, Kitchen & Bar is a neighborhood gathering place where everyone is welcomed with genuine Southern hospitality. Established in April 2012 in the former A. H. Bahnson House, the gracious 1920 residence in downtown Winston-Salem is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

Visit Spring House Restaurant at springhousenc.com.