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Synergy Spin, Hiit, Yoga
905 S. Broad St. Unit 113 Winston-Salem, NC, 27127


WE ALL HAVE A REASON TO BE HERE Synergy Winston-Salem is all about creating a space where people can develop a deeper connection with their inner selves. This process takes grit and ambition, but we embrace the process because we know what stands on the other side. We want you to be able to leave here every day with mental clarity, enhanced physical vitality-and with a renewed sense of purpose - that you can carry within you, beyond the four walls of our studio. Suzie Blackman and Max Vinograd are a husband-and-wife duo who have dreamt of bringing Synergy to their community since moving to Winston-Salem in 2014. They are opening Synergy to share their love for movement, mindfulness, and spirituality with the community in their hometown of Winston-Salem.